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Gate Remote

Gate Remote

Our Automatic Gate Repair Venice is Gate Corporation that you can trust with to take care of all of your gate needs. Our company understands that our customers can make or break us. It is the success with our customers that makes us what we are.

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Gate Company

Gate Company

Our Venice Automatic Gate Repair is a gate corporation that is all about their commercial and residential customers. We’re the best in the district of Venice. We are not just saying that we are the best; we know are because our customers show us that we are everyday.

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Gate Installation

Gate Installation

Venice is a glamorous city in the United States that has its history dating back to centuries. It has been well known for business and the prestige that is found here. People used to go around the world and get gold, silver,

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Gate Repair Venice

Call Us Now  310-957-3152

Welcome to our company Gate Repair Venice

Our company has been involved in residential and commercial gate repair services in California for many years. Besides fixing gates, we also program intercom and remote systems for added convenience and safety elements. Call us and experience what versatile service signifies.

Address: Main St
Venice, California
Zip code: 90291
Phone: 310-957-3152

Hours of Operation:

We accept cash, credit cards, and checks.
Established gate company always ready to repair, replace and service motors for all types of gates.

Residential Gate Motor Repair, Hinge Replacement & Welding Service

Looking for the best driveway gate company around Venice? Well, look no further because you have found them. Automatic Gate Repair is a company that can be trusted to take care of all of your profitable and residential customers, new installations and repairs. We have a variety of services from a welding service to custom made gates. For only professional gate services call our driveway gate company today.

Gate Repair Venice

Our company provides all gate repair services that a property owner may require. We eliminate issues such as rust covering the iron or steel panels, track bending and opener malfunctioning with the utmost precision. We deliver perfect results based on expertise and full care. In case of an emergency, seek our speedy same day repair service. Our mobile team is fully equipped for dealing with all sorts of problems on the spot from broken chain to failed safety sensors. The installation of sliding and swing gates, electric operators and intercom systems is also among our areas of specialization. Every job that we do is based on precise planning and meticulous execution. The end result is always perfect and achieved fast. With our maintenance service, you will enjoy the initial perfection in the longer term.Gate Repair Venice, CA

Driveway gate openers in Venice are a service that we provide. We install and supply openers. We also can repair or replace them, even if it is driveway gate openers. Our installation worker can easily install one of the following openers for you:

  •     DOORKING
  •     LINEAR
  •     GTO PRO
  •     RAMSET
  •     FAAC
  •     EAGLE
  •     RENO
  •     ELITE
  •     VIKING

We also do wrought iron fences here at Automatic Gate Repair Venice. Fashioned iron fences or gates are beautiful and sturdy. One thing that makes them even better is that they are custom made fences. This means that you, the customer decide exactly how you want the fence to look. From block pillar for fences, picket fences to the decorative work, it is all decided on by you. Iron work is something that we are known for. We can not only do house fences, pool fences and profitable fences we also do the following iron work.

  •     Window Guards
  •     Doors or Gates
  •     Railings
  •     Safety Doors
  •     Guards and Railings
  •     Cages
  •     Pool Enclosure
  •     Dog Runs
  •     Retaining Walls
  •     Pipe Corrals
  •     Fences

Along with this service is our custom made gate service. These are gates like sliding gates, swing gates, overhead gates, formed iron gates, driveway gates, walk via gates, tradition completed pedestrian gates, automatic/ manual driveway gate, electric gates, parking garage gates as well as barrier arm gates. Our dedicated company in Venice will help you customize these gates exactly how you want them. Just give us a call today.

Gate installs and repair is a service of Automatic Gate Repair Venice takes great pride in. It is a service that is a must for all driveway gate companies to have. We will take care of all repairs on any gates and fences whether we installed them or not. We also do all new installations. Some of the gate repair and installs that we can do for you, including install and repair of all kinds of gate device and openers, broken down gate repairs, post repair, broken down hinge repair, hinges welding, gate track repairs, gate wheel repairs, security gate sensor repairs and install, exit ring installation plus repair, residential & profitable broken down gate spring repairs, install gate motors on an existing gate plus spring replacements.

The last service we will tell you about is the phone entry intercoms/ method service. These are good methods to have on the gates so that you’ll always identify who is at the gate. Our company installs and repairs every keypads handset entry methods, Traditional Entry Systems, telephone gate systems, profitable Entry methods. Also we have DOORKING, ELITE, LINEAR programming repair service.

Our driveway gate contractor in Venice is a licensed, bonded and insured company. We have a 24 hour emergency gate service that will have us being there for you anytime that you need us. Quality work and expert gate service is what we all about at

Exit & Safety Loops Repair

Metal loops are part of every modern electric gate system. They are made of wire and are covered with special insulation material. They are set into slots cut into the pavement of the driveway and sealing material is added on top. In case of new construction, they can be added before the pavement is installed. The ends of the loops are connected to special detectors that form part of the electric operator system. There is a need for exit and safety loops repair when there is a problem with the metal wire or with the detector. Wire damage is quite rare. It is typically due to issues with the sealant. Twisting and bending are issues fixed with special techniques. In case the wire is broken, it is replaced. Loop detector repair involves fixing or replacing a component that is damaged and/or has begun to malfunction.

Our technicians take great pride in being able to install gates of every kind. We use the most up-to-date technology so that we can be certain the gate is securely installed. When you have any problems with the way your gate is functioning, we are able to handle the repairs. Our experienced technicians have the knowledge that makes it possible for them to perfectly and professionally handle the problems you may have with any gate. They evaluate every part of your gate so they can address the exact cause of your problem. We always perform a thorough job when working on your gate.

Fast Sliding Gate Chain Replacement & Track Alignment Services

How To Keep Pests Out Of Your Gate Control Box

When you’re doing a residential gate installation, one thing that many people don’t think about is that the whole system is going to be living outside, not inside your climate-controlled, sealed home.  That leaves the system vulnerable to bugs and other pests that can get inside the controls and mess with the electronics.

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How to Properly Set Up a Roll-Up Gate or Door

Most homeowners have indoor garages which use roll-up gates or doors because they enhance the home's appearance and fully seal the driveway from intruders, or thieves. And, while these make for a convenient driveway gate option for homes today,

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Gate Posts – How Do You Install Them?

A gate or fence will never be able to stand upright and withstand the weather, if it does not have a post. In new gate installation parlance, a gate post is one wherein a gate is attached by latches and hinges. And like standard fence posts,

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